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Yamapi Jweb Translations
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Cat ~ Moonie ~ [userpic]

 Thanks for the comments everyone! It tells me that there are still people out there reading my translations :) Otherwise there would really be no point in me doing it if nobody was reading them XD


12 August 2011

The day before yesterday, I watched the boxer Ioka's first defending match.

The way he faced his strong opponents with heroism/courage really moved/touched me.  

Since I was there watching the championship match live,
I felt  very moved/the feelings were very personal.

I'm extremely happy to be able to see Ioka's wonderful victory! 

Yesterday there was a magazine photoshoot!
It was really hot.

Sorry for the ordinary/boring entry (laughs)

My refrigerator seems to be having problems.  
In such hot weather, if it breaks it will truly be troublesome.

Help me ---

Cat ~ Moonie ~ [userpic]


10 August 2011 

Apparently if you collect the caps of PET bottles,
You can exchange them for vaccines!

I also started to collect them with much determination,
And was surprised by how many I managed to collect!

It was then that I realized
I have consumed too much 

I want/think about doing something for others
In this one lifetime I have/of mine.

Because of all of your support,
I will often think this way/it makes me think this way.

Thank you for your continued support.

And now I'm watching a football match! [Note: football here = soccer, in case any of you reading this are Americans]
The score is 2 - 0 right now!!
While I was getting very excited

A third goal was scored

It's in --- (^O_O^)

My mood is rising really high now~

Cat ~ Moonie ~ [userpic]


8 August 2011

I tried making pasta.

It was super delicious.

I give the taste 120 points/marks.

My cooking talent is starting to show/grow (laughs).

At yesterday's school reunion, the attendance rate for boys was 100%.

Sure enough, classmates are the best!


7 August 2011

I got my new shoes!

Very cute, I really like them!

I plan to start wearing them on sunny days/when the weather is nice.

Recently I've fallen in love with/taken to
rearranging bentos that I've bought and brought back from the convenience store!

the spicy/chili oil is too much for me
It's surprising that anyone can handle it (laughs)

Cat ~ Moonie ~ [userpic]


5 August 2011

The weather hasn't been this nice in so long ^^
Even though it's hot, my mood is really good!

Recently I've been using the washing machine frequently, so I'm getting better and better at using it (laughs).
Except it takes up a lot of time.  [Note: it doesn't take nearly as much time as hand washing your clothes though...wtf were you using before yamapi? haha]
Recently I noticed that while washing clothes
If you aren't also doing something else
It's really a waste of time.

To the mothers who are washing clothes every day
And those who live alone
I respect you.

[Note:................I don't even know how to respond to this jweb LOL. 1) How was he washing his clothes before?  2) Were there times when he just sat in front of the washing machine for an hour waiting for it to finish because he had nothing else to do?  3) HOW WAS HE WASHING HIS CLOTHES BEFORE?]

Cat ~ Moonie ~ [userpic]


3 August 2011

The weather changes too fast (laughs)

It wasn't raining when I looked just now
So I grabbed my bike and went out
But once I was outside

めあが、りふでした  [Note: In hiragana, this reads: Me a ga, ri fu deshita. To say 'it rained' in Japanese is 'ame ga furimashita' or あめがふりました (雨が降りました) so he changed up the hiragana a bit]

It rained (laughs)

I had to go back home.
That's it.

Cat ~ Moonie ~ [userpic]


1 August 2011

Yesterday I watched movies until it was morning again.

Even though I didn't really sleep,
My mood was really high the entire day. 

But I ate noodles twice.

I really can't beat/overcome my appetite!
That's about it (laughs). 

Cat ~ Moonie ~ [userpic]


29 July 2011

On the 6th of August, Asahi TV station is going to air the drama 'Byakkotai' again.
Please watch it if you get the chance!

Although the filming was really tiring/tedious,

It's a project that left me with a lot of deep memories!
It's very nostalgic!

Cat ~ Moonie ~ [userpic]


28 July 2011

Oh, no.

I tanned too much,
I've turned completely black.

Except for high school, this is the first time I've tanned this much (laughs).

Speaking of high school, we were supposed to have a reunion recently.
However, everyone was busy and couldn't all meet
So it's been postponed.

What a pity.
But being busy is a good thing.

So it really can't be helped.

Cat ~ Moonie ~ [userpic]


25 July 2011

The time has come for me to say good bye to my favourite pair of red sandals/flip flops that I've worn for many years!

It fit very well and are super comfortable so it's really a pity.

Let's spend and end this summer together.
Sandals-kun. AMIGO!

Cat ~ Moonie ~ [userpic]


24 July 2011

The mosquito bites I had last time have healed.

I've written something random/not really worth saying.

I'm sorry (laughs).

ア デ ィ オ  [Note: He wrote 'Adios' in katakana, which means goodbye in Spanish]

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