Yamapi and Ryo leave NEWS

I'm sure you've all heard by now.

I'm not sure what to say...it's a sad day.

Classes and homework and midterms have certainly gotten me under a very heavy and large pile of work, and sleep is a friend that I have not seen in a very long time.   Sorry for disappearing on you guys again.

But I'm in such...shock.  And I'm sad.  NEWS has been part of my life for so long...to continue without Pi and Ryo just sounds so empty.

Of course I will continue to support all of them, whether they're together or apart.  

Here's some more information:



<3 stay strong, NEWS fans!

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20 September 2011

What I want most right now
Is a really comfortable bed that I can lie on.

When I'm on tour, I always think how the beds in the hotels are so comfortable to sleep in.

I want a bed that's even more comfortable than the ones in hotels.  

It's also okay if it's really big (laughs).

I'll let you know all about it when I finally find it (laughs) 


19 September 2011

Living on 10,000 yen a month.
I saw something about this on TV not too long ago.

I think life would be really difficult if we had to live like that.

But, I think I could do it (laughs). 

Surprisingly, I have that kind of willpower.


 From tomorow on, I want to live with only 10,000 yen by myself.

I'm joking (laughs).


18 September 2011

Important things.

We only realise their importance after we've lost them 

Even though I try to always remind myself that

I have to remind myself constantly

I can't forget

What is important to me

How important it is to me

The moment we take something for granted, we start to easily ignore its importance.

If we don't want to end up with regret

We should recognise the importance of the things we often take for granted!

Since maybe hidden amongst them are very important things


17 September 2011

The light from Tokyo Tower today is blue.

I've been busy all day!

I'm listening to music now.

The tempo is a medium speed

But it feels like a rock song.

I'm planning on drinking leisurely before bed today!

See you tomorrow.

15 September 2011

Yesterday I was chatting with my friend, and before we realised it
It was already really late a night!
But it was a happy get together!

I've been really into watching overseas dramas recently.

Since I bought the entire series,
I want to watch them all.
For now, I'll watch it everyday.

I'm so into it/immersed in it.

I've just gotten home, and even today
All I've thought about is watching it.



14 September 2011

I'm meeting my friend from university today after not having seen him/her for a long time

I'm looking forward to it!

Although we usually try to meet up once a year
Every meeting is exciting and really happy/filled with joy

We have very different lifestyles so what we talk about is different from my usual conversations!

I'm going to eat now! 


13 September 2011

The moon was so beautiful last night!

I was so happy to be able to see it so clearly in Tokyo!

However, even though it's already September, it's still very hot.

Please drink plenty of water!


The new table I bought was delivered to my house.

So I suddenly feel like studying!

I think I'm going to study for an hour.

Today, I contemplated learning how to open an oyster.

I'm only joking.


Thank you.

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12 September 2011

The weather was great today, too!

When the weather's great, your mood will also be great. 

Even if something's bothering you, when you wake up in the morning and see the blue sky
You'll feel like everything is going to be okay.

People from the different generations have different types of problems.

Just take a deep breath, look up at the sky, and try your best to do the things you have to do for the day.

You'll definitely feel better.

Those of you who have something bothering you should really try this strategy!

ちょりっすChorissu!  (laughs) [This is sort of a slang word that is similar to yoroshiku よろしく. It's used mostly in Tokyo, specifically Shibuya area, by the younger generation]

It seems like that word shouldn't really be used here (laughs)

11 September 2011

It's so hot today.


This morning, I woke up kind of early.

I went for a walk, and then got some coffee.


Since it's Sunday, there weren't too many people, so I felt relaxed.

There are so many things I can think about when I'm alone having coffee! (laughs)  


From tomorrow on, let's work hard for the week!

See you again tomorrow! 

10 September 2011

I read a novel that was about an adolescent's/youth's summer vacation!

It was very touching, and while reading it, I started to think of my own summer holiday.

It was really nostalgic!

^_^  [Note: He put a smiley face here, but my photobucket isn't working so I can't get the emojis, sorry]

I think reading helps improve your imagination!

This year, let's make it autumn a season of reading then!

8 September 2011

I watched an action movie today.

I was really touched by all of the thrilling scenes/action sequences in the movie.

The story itself is really interesting, too!


It was 2 hours of enjoyment!

I just ate a hamburger.  
It was too big, so I had some difficulty eating it (laughs). 

But it tastes really good.


7 September 2011

I watched a football match yesterday, too.  It was so exciting! (laughs)  [Note: football = soccer]
The energy from sports/exercise is really amazing.
It makes me feel like I should work harder as well.

The weather today is really good for a change!
So I went for a stroll.walk in the morning.
It felt so good/It put me in a great mood!

I also did the laundry.
I feel really great that I made good use of my free time.

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5 September 2011

I've been able to meet many grown-up men lately
When I talk to them, I realise I'm still a child at heart.

I think that in life,
We continue to learn as we grow. 


I'll try my best!

4 September 2011

Don't you think stretching in the morning feels good? (laughs) 

I stretched this morning and it made me feel so good
That now I have to write about it (laughs) 

I hope that tomorrow morning
I can stretch like that again! 

Tomorrow is Monday!

Whether you're working or you're a student
Do your best this week! 

2 September 2011

I'm watching a football match [Note: soccer for any Americans]

There was a goal just a moment ago!

I was really touched!

[Note: He must be super happy to have put 15 peace signs and 14 up arrow emojis haha I think it's because Japan beat North Korea for the World Cup qualifier]

1 September 2011

On this day, fifteen years ago
I auditioned for Johnny's! 

My mind was full of many dreams and anxieties

And I still vividly remeber that audition 

The thought of being able to appear in dramas and have CD debuts was very empowering 

The ability to achieve your dreams/goals in life is really a blissful moment

Of course, I still have my dreams now.  My dreams continue to grow!

I'm also very thankful to the director that chose me
And also to my managers and the staff.
I sincerely thank all of you from the bottom of my heart!  

And to everyone who reads my nikki/diary, thank you very much.  

From today on I'll continue to maintain my dedicaton and work hard!  

I'll bring to you works that will definitely remain in your hearts!

So please contine to support me 

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31 August 2011

You waste a lot of time just waiting for the elevator.

The elevator in the apartment where I live is really slow (laughs) [Note: the Japanese word is "mansion" which means a really nice apartment, usually the ones in high buildings, really expensive, etc.]

It's too carefree (laughs)

If I add up all the time I spend just waiting,

It would easily be the length/show time of a movie.

Now I'm going to watch a film that will last for that long/amount of time.

Today's nikki/diary entry is kind of boring, too.  I'm sorry (laughs)

30 August 2011

Here's the question corner after a long break


From Aya in Sendai

"Do you prefer your fried eggs to be hard or soft?"


I prefer softer fried eggs.



Sorry my reply is so simple (laughs)


Another question from Sabukichi-san

"While dieting, sometimes I can't resist temptation and just give up halfway through. 

Please tell me how to succeed!"

Forcing yourself to diet makes you irritable/unhappy.

Restraining yourself is also bad for your health, so make sure you eat when you need to/eat regularly (laughs)

Just go jogging the next day and you will be fine 


From SHIORI-san.

"Up until now, which of your dramas that you've acted in leaves you with the deepest impression?
Please also tell me which scenes!"


All of them leave me with a deep impression.


Sorry about that SHIORI-chan (laughs)

29 August 2011

I did an interview for a magazine recently.
During it, they asked me what sort of fetish/obsession I have!
The maniac sort.
I told them my answer as train/subway routes/lines

But really i was joking.

Don't you think that was a good answer, though? 

Look forward to it (laughs) 

Saikyo Line

How tasteful (laughs)

28 August 2011

August is ending soon.
It makes me feel a bit lonely.
Summer, please don't go yet.
Every year, I wish that.

I'm watching Tetsuwan Dash right now.  [Note: It's a TV program that's hosted by TOKIO]

Matsuoka-kun's catching the buri fish.

I also want to try~

It seems really fun!

Even though this is a bit random
Do you believe in them?  

I believe in them.  

Thank you. 

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Hey everyone I'm so sorry for the delay! I had to move back into college yesterday so I've spent the week packing ferociously and then unpacking once I got here, and there's a hurricane right now and it's just been a lot of bad news after the other. My parents could barely see driving home because of the torrential wind and rain, and their car slide and spun a few times, and it's basically damaged beyond repair now, but luckily they seem alright even though my mum hit her head pretty hard :( And then we found out my grandmother's in the hospital in critical condition because of her lung cancer, so my father's been flipping out. All in all it's been really chaotic and I haven't even gotten the chance to rant about it until now so sorry for just spilling it all out here ANYWAY ONTO THE JWEB!

26 August 2011

Today's a bit late since I went to visit an ancester's grave!

The rain was really heavy in the afternoon.
It was really troublesome/a nuisance!
I was in the car at the time.
It's been a long time since I've seen such heavy rain
Is everyone okay?
Please be careful!

On another note/changing topics
Suga Shikao interviewed me not long ago/recently 
It was a program called "Our Music"!

We talked about lots of things
But I'm not sure which parts will be aired
I'm still looking forward to it, though!

It will air at 23:00
So please check it out if you're free 

24 August 2011

Golf set.

I have almost everything in a set!

But I rarely play golf (laughs)

So I'm just wasting resources.

Since my father's the one who asked me to go,
This time I will play golf.

23 August 2011

Today I had a discussion related to work!
I got excited while speaking about work.
This excitement was like before; it hasn't changed.
Or maybe I should say that this type of feeling is stronger than before!

Your twenties should be a time when you give your best to achieve the most in life!

From today on, I will not sleep.

That is a lie.

I will sleep a little (laughs).

22 August 2011

Teriyaki hamburger.

I bought it from the store.
Back when I was still a Jr., I always ate things like this.
It's so nostalgic (laughs)

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21 August 2011

The hot weather is slowly getting better
Summer is coming to an end! 

Right now, I'm walking by the river.  
With this kind of weather, I'm feel really comfortable.  

I'm feeling so comfortable.

Today I made fried rice.
It was really delicious!

Sorry for writing a nikki/diary similar to that of an elementary schooler's.

I just don't really have much to write about today (laughs)

20 August 2011

Today I went to the gym with Toma!
Afterwards we ate yakiniku!

I love to spend time with my friends/guy friends.
Even though we just talk about work, I still feel happy.

It was a really great day. 


19 August 2011

Ja ja ja-n

The Ashita no Joe DVD and Blu-Ray are available/on sale now.
Please be sure to watch it!  
A special disc is also included.

At lunch today, I was too excited and ate too many hamburgers.

Please excuse me.
There's a little leftover, I'm sorry. 

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17 August 2011

I just watched a movie.

The story/plot was about pursuing your dreams

I really like the feeling of never giving up.

Even though parts of it were a little erotic/scandalous,
There were many funny parts as well
It's great.

I'm super happy.
I want to film this kind of movie that will bring a lot of happiness and laughter to people!



16 August 2011

Right now I'm on my way home from the covenience store.

While walking, I thought to myself, 
The sunset is really beautiful.

Things that I need to do--
There are so many!
I'm thinking about that while walking home.

It seems like I've been thinking about all of these things the entire day (laughs).

The first thing I can do is save electricity.

Earlier, someone handed me a fan on the street
So right now I'm using it to fan myself (laughs).

To those of you who have the uchiwa (jumbo fans) of Yamapi,
Please use those to fan yourselves.

Yoroshiku douzo. (laughs)


16 August 2011

I often see the Toshiba Note PC advertisement/commercial!

During the actual filming, I saw the 3D effect with my own eyes,
It was amazing.

I hope all of you will check it out when you have the time! 



14 August 2011

Today, 5 men came over to my house to play.

It's so hot (laughs).  [Note: He means the weather is hot haha]

And then we all played video games together!

It was like being on summer holiday.

Even though we've all grown up now/are all adults now, we're still just as naive/we act the same as before, it's really embarrassing/shameful/we're sorry! (laughs)

But it's so nostalgic, and I'm having a lot of fun so I'm really happy