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October 2011
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Cat ~ Moonie ~ [userpic]
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5 September 2011

I've been able to meet many grown-up men lately
When I talk to them, I realise I'm still a child at heart.

I think that in life,
We continue to learn as we grow. 


I'll try my best!

4 September 2011

Don't you think stretching in the morning feels good? (laughs) 

I stretched this morning and it made me feel so good
That now I have to write about it (laughs) 

I hope that tomorrow morning
I can stretch like that again! 

Tomorrow is Monday!

Whether you're working or you're a student
Do your best this week! 

2 September 2011

I'm watching a football match [Note: soccer for any Americans]

There was a goal just a moment ago!

I was really touched!

[Note: He must be super happy to have put 15 peace signs and 14 up arrow emojis haha I think it's because Japan beat North Korea for the World Cup qualifier]

1 September 2011

On this day, fifteen years ago
I auditioned for Johnny's! 

My mind was full of many dreams and anxieties

And I still vividly remeber that audition 

The thought of being able to appear in dramas and have CD debuts was very empowering 

The ability to achieve your dreams/goals in life is really a blissful moment

Of course, I still have my dreams now.  My dreams continue to grow!

I'm also very thankful to the director that chose me
And also to my managers and the staff.
I sincerely thank all of you from the bottom of my heart!  

And to everyone who reads my nikki/diary, thank you very much.  

From today on I'll continue to maintain my dedicaton and work hard!  

I'll bring to you works that will definitely remain in your hearts!

So please contine to support me 


haha, he got emoji crazy, high tension XDDD
15 yrs is such a long time ago already, omedetou yamapi <3
thanks for the trans ^^

you have the best emojis
Is he talking about work??? "I've been able to meet many grown-up men lately
I hope there will be a new drama.
Thank you very much for the trans <3

happy 15th anniversary yamapi!!!!

happy 15..^^

Thank you for doing your best for your fans..^^

In the same day it was my birthday.. so it's important date for me too..^^>>(1st_sept)..

幸運 幸運 ..=D..